Wearable Tracking Devices

Think of a small capsule with many sensors that can sense and monitor pretty much everything, ensuring you, your family and your belongings better security for an affordable price.
i. The tracker has an app for both iPhones and Android smartphones. The app is easy to use and will allow you to protect the things most dearest to you, wherever you are, according to your personal specifications.
iii. You can wear it, strap it on your wrist, attach it to your pet, your child and many other options.
iv. With the tracker, accessories you will have even more ways that will help you guard and protect the things dearest to you.
v. With its advanced infrared technology,the tracker will alert you when someone enters your home or office uninvited, directly to your smartphone.
No one will get by you without you knowing about it!

What more can the tracker do for you?

viii. Once you activate the Tracker app in your smartphone, you can set it to unlock or lock by itself, without the need for a password. The smart lock will activate according to your proximity, this way, if you are far away from your smartphone it cannot be opened by anyone else.
ix. Tracker will detect motion changes in any given area, and alert you directly to your smartphone. This will allow you to protect your home or office, even when you are not there. If you place the Tracker on your car, for instance, it will alert you if anyone has bumped into or moved it in your absence.
x. Tracker will count your steps, distance, and calories and then calculate these parameters according to your specific physical needs. AllBe1 will also send this information directly to your smartphone app.
xi. If you find yourself in danger, Tracker can be used as a smart button with a pre-set number that it will alert with your location once activated. With Tracker you will be safe no matter where you go.
xii. Once in the sun, Tracker will notify you when it is time to protect your skin with additional sunscreen. This option will help you protect your children from the dangerous outcomes of excessive sun exposure.
xiii. Children have so much energy and love to run around, sometimes it is hard to keep track of them. Once in your child's pocket, AllBe1 will monitor his or her movement, and send an alert directly to your smartphone once they leave your safe zone