Time & Attendance systems

Why you need Time Attendance and Employee Management System

  1. All information running in your organization needs to be combined and managed from the same system.
  2. You need to track the work time sheets of your employees from anywhere.
  3. There is a need to base your payroll on the time and attendance of your staff.
  4. Different departments in your organization need to get reports from a common system.
  5. Subscribe to online attendance system and have information in your organization streamlined.
  6. Embrace technology that will ease the working environment for your staff.
  7. Track progress directly from your phone.

Fingerprint based time and attendance software

  • Time Attendance Management Software and Employee monitoring systems shall enable your workforce to sign on and sign off from their area of assignment, regardless of the location.
  • Competence and punctuality of your workforce shall be reflected on the payroll.
  • Your organization will manage the events directly from their mobile phones.
  • We can connect the system to your existing ERP and develop a reward or penalty system.
  • The management shall have facts and the deceptive employee activities shall be eliminated

Mobile phone based Time and attendance system

Given the nature of the variable industries, the method of collection of time attendance data can vary.
In this case, this solution covers both stationed business set up as well as dispersed employees.
There are four main methods of punching:
i. Office based Clocks
ii. The Mobile App
ii SMS
iii. Twitter

Which punching fits your business?

  • If your employees work under the same roof, the best method is to have a fixed biometric time clock.
  • If your employees are located at multiple stations, the best option is the mobile attendance application or portable biometric/ facial/ RFID Time Attendance device.
  • After collection of¬† employee marks time in/out,¬† the other methods are the same.
  • If there is a trusted supervisor, who will ensure that no buddy punching (someone clocking in for his or her friend) then SMS can be applied.

3. How is data integrated and secured?

i. DATA PROCESSING and storage is securely stored in the Finclock attendance management system and seamlessly accessed through workstations and mobile phones.
ii. Time and attendance can be done based on biometric attendance systems, with pairing of the best fitting hardware and software.

iii. The system can be integrated to the existing systems, such that no additional cost of infrastructure shall be required.
iv. Payroll integration is done by our team and we advise you on the best solution, which include: Sage, Quickbooks, Freshbooks among others.

Available packages and Charges

This system is meant to serve your company at both small and large scale.
In this case, we offer a base monthly fee and an additional fee per employee.
Thus, you are free to incorporate the system at different stages, starting with the areas that require maximum management.
The charges are split to monthly rates, with small fees per employee, which shall serve to maintain the system and have a dedicated member of our team to help at all times.