Smart Surveillance Cameras

Smart Cameras series

We have been a pioneer in smart technology in East and Central Africa, thanks to our strategic distributorship agreement with our suppliers in Europe and the USA.
main aim is to offer new and daring solutions, we focus on smart surveillance cameras, which serve services different from the conventional CCTV cameras.
In this series, we have portable, easy to install and battery powered smart cameras, which run the most advanced technology.

Capability of Smart Cameras

Capabilities of the smart cameras
1. They are portable and do not require wired networking
i. They can be installed in:
a. Offices
b. industrial rooms
c. Homes
d. Public transport vehicles.
2. Connectivity: the cameras are connected throguh WI-FI, LAN, 3G/GSM/ 2G network. Also, if you do not have the network, you can have the video recorded in a removable disk, such as a flash disk and viewed directly through your computer
3. The cameras are powered by either rechargeable or disposable AA LI-Ion batteries, which can last for 6 months to 4 years.
4. These cameras provide live streaming to your I-phone or Android phone.
5. The cameras can learn and with time tell when to alert you or not.
6. These cameras send notifications to you and can talk back via your phone, with your voice being recognized.